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Flat Roof Problem Repair Specialist

Flat Roof Problems

Mention "Flat Roof" and most peoples thoughts are flat roof damage to newly decorated ceilings, walls and upholstery. Preventing water seeping through old fashioned built up felted roofs is an on-going flat roof problem due to the flat roof felt degrading and becoming brittle creating openings for a flat roof leak. The apparent lack of alternative flat roofing products makes certain that flat roof home owners continually keep repairing flat roof felt with similar mineral flat roofing coverings.

Water damaged flat roof timber

Flat Roof Repair Solution

Increasingly, householders are becoming aware that EPDM Rubber Membrane is the modern repairing flat roof solution to fix that aggravating leaking flat roof. This versatile flat roof product is available in sizes to cover a flat roof building in a single sheet creating in a seamless uninterrupted flat roof covering guaranteed not to leak once installed correctly. EPDM is fitted without the use of any flat roofing specialist tools due to the all cold process making the flat roof installation quicker, saving time and money.

Modern Flat Roofing Sealant

Rubber is the only material that people think of as being absolutely waterproof which has been proven with its use in vast range of products from Wellington boots, gloves to diving suites. EPDM is an extremely robust material, is extremely resilient to puncture or penetration, is not affected by atmospheric pollution, UV light ozone or acid rain and unlike most bituminous materials, it does not degrade, crack, or become brittle after long periods exposed to the harsh elements of the weather.

Low Price Flat Roofing System

KCS low price flat roof system has a life of over 50 years, which far exceeds other roofing products on the market today, which makes it the most cost effective investment to ensure you have a flat roof that will last the test of time and will be completely trouble free. EPDM synthetic flat roof coating is the quality roofing product that requires no maintenance and will repair a flat roof garage, extension, porch or dormer once and for all. In the event of damage by vandalism, it is easily repaired just like a bicycle inner tube.

EPDM Rubber Membrane - the quality flat roof waterproofing covering

Over the years, EPDM has proven its longevity in Artic conditions, temperate zones and tropical climes, in fact, installations carried out in the early sixties are still giving outstanding performance to this day! EPDM rubber membrane, the once only installation is excellent for the flat roof renovation of older domestic roofs or brand new residential or commercial installations, resulting in a total waterproofing covering. Any flat roof will benefit immensely from this modern flat roofing material which flexes with ambient temperature variants and will not split, tear or become porous.

Flat roof to pitched roof flat roof conversion - fully bonded system

Free DIY Installation DVD (step-by-step)

An EPDM flat roof DIY instructional DVD is supplied free of charge with every material order. This shows clearly, step by step, how to install the system successfully on any flat roof construction or flat roof specification. Our instructional DVD makes the installation a realistic DIY proposition for anybody!

Flat roof installation flat roof company dvd
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